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Facts You Should Know Before You Relocate to a Remote Region Every year, it seems that more and more families are leaving urban and suburban areas for rural regions. This transition is taking place for all sorts of reasons. All families have their own reasons, obviously, but the majority are making an effort to avoid crime-ridden areas, enjoy more nature, or eliminate their dependence on smartphones and other pieces of technology. In the most extreme situations, families choose to move off-the-grid, meaning they decide to make their homes in remote regions where even electricity is hard to come by. If you are thinking about either moving to the country or moving off-the-grid, there are all sorts of things you need to think about, especially if you haven’t ever resided in a rural area before. The rest of this guide showcases a small sampling of the things you ought to discuss with your spouse and children before you make your big move. These are certainly not the only factors you’ll need to talk about, but they will get you started. Is Growing Our Food a Priority?
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For many people, moving to the country means growing their own food. This may be tougher than you’re expecting, though! One gardening technique that is becoming increasingly popular is hydroponics. Building a hydroponic system may take some time, but after it’s finished, you and your family will always have incredible fruits and vegetables literally at your fingertips! Hydroponic lettuce systems are particularly popular.
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What Sorts of Animals Are We Planning on Getting? Often, when people move to rural locales, particularly if they want to go totally off-the-grid, the decide to buy livestock of some sort. Before you move, you need to think about what kinds of animals you want to keep at your new home. If, for instance, you’d like to have a small herd of sheep on your land, you’ll also probably want to buy a couple of dogs that protect sheep. Livestock guardian animals, such as the dogs you just read about, are an expenditure that people who don’t know much about rural life tend to forget to account for before they move. What Type of House Best Suits Our Needs? There are several kinds of houses that are popular in rural areas. Sometimes, families are insistent upon buying old farmhouses that have been around for at least a century. In other cases, though, people decide to build cabins completely from scratch; this is most common among families who plan to go off-the-grid. Depending upon exactly how remote your new property is, you may also want to consider investing in some weaponry, such as guns and knives, to go hunting and protect your family from animal attacks.