Acquiring A US Function Visa

If you are a businessman and want to go to Saudi Arabia on normal basis, you can apply for the five Year Several Entry Business Visa of Saudi Arabia. Suppose, if you are in India, and you hold a managerial or executive position, if there is a business meeting in the nation, and your business has also participated, you can be sponsored by your affiliate company back in the foreign nation to participate with the members of the mother company. Go to the MOFA web site and verify your organizations status with regards to Nitaqat using your visa number (I am not 100% certain if it will function with a pay a visit to visa but I would imagine that it would.) If your employer is in the wrong (Red or Yellow) categories then they will not be able to get you a visa!

These conferences are extremely beneficial, explanation being businessmen from across the globe participate and talk about about lucrative firms that can be taken, and techniques that can assist expand the existing organization. If you leave Saudi on an Exit / Re-Entry visa rather than finishing your current contract you will have to wait for at least 1 year just before you can apply for one more visa.

I raised issues more than the Company Visa and showed unwillingeness to accept the offer, so in return they provided some thing called short-term work visa and go to visa for my family members, which I do not see any various than a company visa choice. This is for company guys and ladies operating for companies outside Saudi Arabia so that they can come into the Kingdom to operate with or for a Saudi firm. You will perform within Saudi Arabia on a perform visa which will be converted into your Iqama.

Occasionally businesses will bring you over on a organization visa, in this case you will have to leave ahead of the visa expires and apply for a new one particular just before returning, a game I played for 9 months as the GM of a organization! Hi Mrsworried, it is possible for you to both get married there and that would not be a issue, even so even if he is on a labor visa he may be accepted to bring you on a family members visa with your current marriage certificate. I`m on enterprise visa in Saudi, i have identified diverse organization which i will going to work with them.

Which signifies I will come back to Canada to apply for the employment visa after 8 months or so and return to Riyadh upon successful visa stamp. Hi Saam, if you have study about how to get your Saudi Arabia work visa and the a variety of comments beneath then you must have a fair concept as to how to go about getting your visa. Hi Mr.Ambitious, you could use a enterprise visa (numerous entry for six months) to be in a position to construct and run your company.