E2 Visa For Investors And Organization In USA

Several of our customers are Indian business owners, investors and executives searching to obtain access to the US marketplace. Hope that you will appreciate functioning in Saudi Arabia and that you will not have any troubles in getting your visa for Saudi. My husband is British and has been in Saudi on. 6 month business visa, but has to leave every single month and re-enter. I am not confident what is their needs for the married couples relating to marriage certificate.

Your Iqama or residency permit has to be applied for inside 90 days of your entering the nation on a work visa. Mine kept coming back with issue right after problem, even though it was the same paperwork that was utilized for me to get my visa to come to the kingdom in the first place. We supply several type of Immigration Visa solutions from India to are price powerful.

When you arrive they will take your passport (most firms) and you will only be in a position to leave if they return it and of course as soon as you have your Iqama (Saudi residency and work visa) you will have to have an exit re-entry visa to travel which is issued by your sponsor. Do i want to send my degree to Saudi Consulate in USA and what are all the other document they will need. They wasnted to pursue the selection of organization visa and then iqama in six-eight months of time.

Hi Resmin, if the organization you are going to perform for has had your visa approved then there is no dilemma. When the business is registered it would be able to sponsor you for a perform visa relevant to the enterprise, if you employ much less than 10 people the quantity of Saudis employed below existing guidelines would not affect visa eligibility.

My employer is in a hurry and has asked me to enter on a pay a visit to visa and also says that in the meantime the work visa method will go on. Is it good to accept this and enter on a go to visa. To helps individuals who are seeking for PR VISA Countries like USA, Canada, Australia, UK, Denmark and much far more. Frequently, if a company has problems gaining a function visa due to not being able to get authorization due to employing too couple of local Saudis they will bring an employee on this visa.