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Benefits of Using RV Solar Panels When you want to recharge the DC power in your RV battery system, you can use solar panels. The RV batteries can be powered up by these small panels when their charge has diminished. It is important to invest in a solar panel recharging system if you usually go RV boondocking. There are various reasons why you should use solar power to charge your batteries. The first reason is that solar power is free. When tapping the sun’s energy, you will not need to pay any fuel costs. RV batteries can also be charged efficiently using solar. To ensure your RV batteries maintain charge for a long time, they should be slowly but steadily charged with pure DC current. The batteries can be efficiently charged with solar panels. When you are charging RV batteries using solar, no noise is produced. Moreover, unlike generators and wind turbines, no smoke is produced. The energy from the sun is clean. When charging and after the exercise, you will not need to wash or clean up any messy oils. Of course, the sun energy is also good for the environment. No carbon dioxide is released when charging RV batteries using solar and hence the environment is not affected.
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You can automatically charge the RV battery system using solar panels. You only need to switch on the charge control and the panels will handle the rest of the charging process. When the sun goes down, the unit will shut down on its own. As a result, the batteries will hold the current when they are not charging. Your home neighbors will also love you since they won’t have to deal with smoke or noise as you charge the RV battery. Maintenance of RV solar panels is also easy. In most cases, you will only need to dust the panels.
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Finally, when you have RV solar panels, you will be free to go boondocking. With the panels, worries about the batteries dying will be a thing of the past. Components of Right RV Solar Panel Before you buy RV solar panels, there are various things you should consider. First off, you should know the main components of the solar system. The components that make a typical system include RV solar panels, an inverter, deep cycle batteries and a solar charge controller. The deep cycle batteries will help to store the energy that the RV solar panels produce. The work of the inverters is to convert the 12 volt DC power to 120 volt AC power for your appliances. Before choosing a solar panel, you should know how much power you consume daily.